Curriculum Vitae

Universidad de La Laguna

Birth: Caracas (Venezuela) VII-7-1960

Nationality: Spanish (European Union)



Residence: Tenerife (Canary Islands—Spain)





Academic education:

  • Titled as biologist in 1982.
  • Thesis of degree in 1984 with the study “el medio cavernícola en las Islas Canarias. Estudio ecológico de dos cavidades volcánicas de la isla de Tenerife: la cueva del Viento y la sima Robada”
  • PhD in 1992 with the study “Caracterización ecológica y evolución de las comunidades subterráneas en las islas de Tenerife, El Hierro y La Palma”.

    Faculty of Biology of the University of La Laguna

Prizes and grants: 

  1. 1982-1984 grant of research (Insular Government of Tenerife)
  2. 1984-1987 grant of research (Canary Islands Government)
  3. 1989 Prize of Scientific Research “Agustin de Betancourt”
  4. 1994 Special Prize of PhD of Biology Faculty of La Laguna University
  5. 1982-1992, Grant holder of the Department of Animal Biology in La Laguna University


  1. 1982-1984, Trainer of the interpreters of nature for the Spanish Conservation Nature Institute (ICONA).
  2. 1989-1992, Professor of Palaeontology in the University of La Laguna.
  3. 1990-2009, Manager of Biodiversity Conservation (Protected areas and fauna and flora conservation)
  4. 2009. Director of the Sustainable Development Observatory (Canary Agency of Climate Change)
  5. 1984. Teacher of interpreters of Nature in National Parks.Environmental Planning Centre of the Canary Government
  6. 1989-1992. Professor in Zoology Department of La Laguna University
  7. 1990. Government employee of the Canary Island Administration

Courses and Lectures: Organiser of up to three short courses about conservation biology and the use of several informatics tools (Atlantis and Ecobeaker), and several lectures about the conservation of nature in other capacitating courses.






Tenerife, Canary Islands, SPAIN